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2021 in Review

2021 in Review

Finishing up some paperwork from 2021 and wanted to list some stats here so we can compare year-to-year.

Total meat produced:

  • 407lbs of turkey
  • 266lbs of chicken--141lbs of cornish cross and 125lbs of rangers

377 eggs laid by the 12 layers.

Two mini-lops growing for future breeding as pets (not food!).

What does this means in terms of calories produced by the farm this year?

  • Assuming 78 calories per egg, that is 29,406 calories.
  • Assuming 1,085 calories per pound of chicken, that is 288,610 calories.
  • Assuming 862 calories per pound of turkey, that is 350,834 calories.

Total, that's about 668,850 calories from our little poultry effort.

As we expand into a garden, beef, and goat milk in 2022, it will be interesting to see how this number grows.  Our theory is that we should be able to sustain ourselves and closest community on this six acres.  We are up to about enough calories to sustain one person for a year (on poultry alone, which isn't likely a good idea despite how good homegrown poultry is...).  The Six Acre Experiment continues.

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