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Expanding the Farm

After a year of backyard beekeeping in an effort to prove out the approach, we decided to buy some land and expand our operation. We plan to spend the next five years building up our beekeeping to 50+ hives while adding an orchard, lavender fields, and likely some hops.

We found an older farm not too far from us for sale and bought it over the winter. Planning to add 10 hives there this spring while beginning to establish some lavender plants. The orchard will start a little later and hops after that.

The farm needs non-trivial infrastructure work too--septic replacement, driveway rebuild, farmhouse restoration, etc. We also need to replant the forest that the previous owner more-or-less clear cut two years ago too. We'll post on all that as we progress too.

Sorry no pictures yet. We'll get some later this week.

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