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Mead Batch 001: Brew Day

Mead Batch 001:  Brew Day

A traditional or show mead. A simple start.

The goal this first year of our company is to refine a set of recipes that will be the core of what we will offer going forward. To that end, we decided to keep things simple with this first test batch.

It's a simple mead with three ingredients:

  1. Local honey from a fellow Stark County beekeeper.
  2. Bottled spring water.
  3. Cider yeast (and a yeast nutrient, but we aren't counting that as a separate ingredient...).

At the time of pitching, the mead had a gravity of 1.110.


We wanted a sweeter mead, which led to the quantity of honey used and yeast chosen. It's only a gallon, but that should be enough to understand how this recipe works and how to tweak it going forward.

He's a picture one week into fermentation.


It's looking good, but still has quite a distance to go.

After racking this batch near the end of March, we will head to Batch 002. Again, a traditional show mead, but with a drier approach.

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