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Install Day 2018

Install Day 2018

Despite some delays early in the day, I made it to Dalton to pick up my three packages of bees yesterday. Being late and cold, I stored them in the garage for the first night to make sure they had the best chance to succeed after installation.

garage bees

Today was installation day. We started around noon by setting up the hives, mixing the sugar water, and getting the pollen patties out.

hive 1 pollen patty

Then, the fun began as we removed the sugar cans and queen cages, prepared and inserted the queen cages, and dumped the bees.

hive 1 bees pre install

hive 3 with bees

In the end, we ended up with three hives all stretching their wings and getting to business.

hives 1 and 2 finished

hive 3 finished

The good news is that nobody was stung...and the queen of the queen bees had fun all the while.

queen of the queen bees

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